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Friday, February 20, 2015

The Warehouse & blak-n-yello

T Y R O N E    F R A N C I S

The Warehouse

571 Broad Street
Newark, NJ  07102

music out on blak-n-yello

"Burning Up" featuring Dawn Tallman, produced by Tyrone Francis
Remixes by Jon Cutler (Distant Music), Glenn Thorton (Slagg Records) & Serge Negri (Bamboo Sounds Entertainment)
Written by: Koffee the First Floetress of House

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"Dangerous" featuring Koffee the First Floetress of House, produced by Tyrone Francis

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"the well" (tyrone francis bny remix) out on makin' moves

"all i know" (tyrone francis bkny remix) out on tribe records

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